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Reasons I love Kayfin - There are no absolutes in an infinite universe [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Reasons I love Kayfin [Nov. 18th, 2007|04:12 am]
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KayfinJ (1:23:09 AM): The good side bonus of wine growing regions is the tourism boost.
DragonReborn1986 (1:23:40 AM): There's tourism for wine growing regions?
KayfinJ (1:23:52 AM): Shit yeah. If you play your cards right.
DragonReborn1986 (1:24:06 AM): Enlighten me, s'il vouz plait?
KayfinJ (1:25:44 AM): If the vineyard areas are say an hour or three's drive out from a major city, you can promote it as a peaceful weekend getaway spot. Rural, quiet, wine tastings, cellar door tours - little romantic cabins set on the vinyards with private spa baths. It makes for a cosy little romantic weekend for two.
KayfinJ (1:26:48 AM): But you need to build up the area as a luxury getaway. The Hunter Valley was primarily a coal mining and grape growing area. Now it does a roaring trade in expensive weekend tourism
KayfinJ (1:27:17 AM): City people pay THROUGH THE NOSE for a bit of pastoral luxury.
KayfinJ (1:28:32 AM): Get the other local growers on side, make sure the roads are up to scratch, a good bed and breakfast, nice little resturant, perhaps some pretty old houses and gardens....
KayfinJ (1:28:48 AM): And the bonus of all that is local jobs
DragonReborn1986 (1:29:50 AM): Kayfin, would you like to have a job as Minister of Tourism?
KayfinJ (1:31:40 AM): Nope
KayfinJ (1:31:44 AM): ^_^
KayfinJ (1:32:36 AM): I already have a job. And there are probably Colombian people with a lot of talent just waiting to be tapped
DragonReborn1986 (1:33:57 AM): True, but that requires socializing with people who will probably want to kill me afterward
KayfinJ (1:34:18 AM): And you think I want to be a part of all that? Not bloody likely
DragonReborn1986 (1:34:45 AM): Oh, psssh
DragonReborn1986 (1:34:47 AM): You're Jem
DragonReborn1986 (1:34:49 AM): You'd be like....
DragonReborn1986 (1:34:55 AM): "Bitch, please. I'm the boss."

DragonReborn1986 (1:44:35 AM): I guess to key to dealing with DAS agents is to be polite and friendly the entire time
DragonReborn1986 (1:44:58 AM): They're very polite about asking you to do things, and they usually don't let you feel as if they're giving orders.
DragonReborn1986 (1:45:06 AM): Unless, of course, you're dumb enough to think that they're only asking
KayfinJ (1:46:05 AM): American & Australian Airline security have much to learn
KayfinJ (1:46:13 AM): I always feel like their being assholes
KayfinJ (1:46:21 AM): and treating me like a criminal
KayfinJ (1:46:25 AM): Gwah
DragonReborn1986 (1:46:29 AM): They are.
DragonReborn1986 (1:46:35 AM): Believe me, they are.
DragonReborn1986 (1:46:49 AM): And do you REALLY want them to learn from Colombian DAS agents? They'd start toting shotguns!
KayfinJ (1:46:58 AM): lol
KayfinJ (1:47:06 AM): Point taken
DragonReborn1986 (1:47:22 AM): I can see it now.
DragonReborn1986 (1:47:59 AM): *Kay at airport, about to go through airport security*
Kay: Um...why do you guys have shotguns now?
AAS: It's what we learned in Colombia.
KayfinJ (1:48:25 AM): Psh. They'd at least be polite about it.
DragonReborn1986 (1:48:47 AM): lol
DragonReborn1986 (1:48:51 AM): True, very true
KayfinJ (1:49:14 AM): "Thanks for asking! It's what we learned in Colombia. Now, if you don't mind, could you please unpack your entire bag for us? Thanks"
KayfinJ (1:49:45 AM): "And take off your sandals. We think you might have a terrorist in there"